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Inclusive design i organic material, ethically produced!
Beautiful organic apron for a garden party. 

This apron is simply to use, simply click it on around your waist line. You do not have to raise your hands above shoulder level, nor tie anything behind your back. The apron comes in two models, one with boned upper part and one as a chefs apron from waist and down, 90 or 55 cm long.
Pretty apron for the hostess
"Click on - click off" apron with a rail inserted in the waistline has its origin in Germany. The original version was produced in oilcloth to simplify for those who washed with pods and washboard. Josephine Drakenberg, got such a chaperone from a neighbour and was inspired to design a modern version, which is more like a party dress than protective garment.The apron is simple to use, no movements over shoulder hight and no bands to tie. It is also available with a Velcro closing.

Order your click on apron here.

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