Healthy Green Christmas

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What is a healthy Christmas?

I think it is when we can reflect, appreciate each other, give and receive. Can we give each other gifts that encourage us to become a better version of ourselves? Perhaps the gift of wisdom, kindness and appreciation?

It is exciting with wrapped gifts. But maybe we need to add a pinch of balance to it? Consider arranging a Christmas game, where each participants buy a gift which you then compete to get by throwing dice or you can make a tournament with different games and charades, for example.

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Maybe we can buy one Christmas gift and then invest in crowd-fund projects or in each others project? What if we asked each other to talk about the challenges we're dealing with right now? Then we could share our own experiences and thoughts.

What traditions do you think is fine to keep and what new can create a little better world? A better world can start with you, because if you feel a little better, it will lift up all people around you!

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