How to find well-being at office time?

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  • Set the clock to ring after every half hour where you stand up for five minutes. Take the opportunity to heat a warming scarf or do some stretch.
  • Although the warming scarf reduces stress and muscle tension, you should look over how you are sitting. Make sure you adjust your chair so your feet rest comfortably on the ground. If you have short legs, use a footstool. Review whether your screen is in your eye level.
  • Skip a break sometimes and meditate instead. Have your meditation mat available.

Heat Wrap helps you to relax at home and at work. Discreet scarf that can be tied in a variety of ways depending on where you have stiff sore muscles. An ergonomic cushions that stay in place even when you are moving.

Put the warming scarf over your shoulders, tie around the hip / stomach / back end, or around an arm or a leg. The heat helps you to relax which circulate your blood more easily, thus, reduce the pain from sore, stiff muscles or cramps during menstruation. Heat prevent damage and facilitate healing.

Heat up the warming scarf:
1. sprinkle the scarf with a little water 
2. warm in micro wave oven for 1,5 min on 700-800 watt 
3. see to that the scarf is turning around inside the oven, put scarf in a bowl to be sure.

If you want to heat in a conventional oven, you should wrap the pillow in eg a towel: heat for 10 minutes on 150 degrees. Spray love to splash water on the pillow before so keeps the fabric anymore.

Cool the warming scarf in the freezer for one hour to get a cold pillow that reduces blood circulation and constrict tissues, reducing swelling.

100% organic cotton. Filling: cleaned kernels from the grape and cherry.

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